How I broke my neck at the gym – Jason Derulo recalls near-death experience

Jason Derulo

In 2013, Jason Derulo, the American singer, remembered fracturing his neck by falling on his head during a rehearsal for his world tour.

The accident occurred while he was training in the gym, forcing him to cancel the tour.

During an interview on Paris Hilton’s ‘I Am Paris’ podcast, Jason Derulo shared that he feared it might be the end for him. It took him seven months to fully recover from the injury.

“I broke my neck in 2013,” he recalled. “I was getting ready for my world tour and working with this trainer. He was like, ‘Today, we’re going to work on endurance, so I need you to do these back tucks back-to-back.’ I slipped during one of the back tucks, and I landed on my head, breaking my C-2 vertebrae.”

“As soon as it happened, I heard a big crack, and I was like, ‘Holy s**t, is this it? Is this how it all ends?’”

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