“Start eating in your dream, it is good” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome drops shocker (Video)

"Start eating in your dream, it is good" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome drops shocker (Video)

Renowned Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, recently shared his perspective on why Christians should not feel guilty about eating in their dreams. During a sermon at Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris encouraged his followers to eat whatever is served to them in their dreams without hesitation.

He adamantly refuted the belief that the Devil is the one providing food in dreams, stating that the Devil is not known for being generous. Instead, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome pointed to the Bible, where angels are the beings who offer food to people, not the Devil.

He emphasized that the food in dreams is likely from God and his angels, reassuring his congregation that they can eat without fear or guilt. The congregation listened intently, but couldn’t help bursting into laughter as Pastor Chris explained his reasoning.

See video below:

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