“Money is good in this life” – African man throws lavish wedding for dog (Video)

"Money is good in this life" - African man throws lavish wedding for dog (Video)

A viral video showcasing an African man marrying off his dog to another dog in a lavish ceremony has taken social media by storm. The man proudly displays the wedding cake, venue, and guests in the video, which has garnered thousands of likes, shares, and hundreds of comments.

The video features the male dog as the groom, the female dog as the bride, and other dogs playing roles such as bridesmaids and maid of honor. Viewers are treated to a humorous exchange of vows between the canine couple.

The post sparked a wave of reactions from concerned individuals in the comment section, as the unconventional wedding caught the attention of many online users.

See video below:


Mr & Mrs Jones 🐾 #dogwedding #weddingtiktok #mrandmrs #foryou


See some reactions below:

JANGER207: “To see oyibo wey get sense na by connection .”

paygic: “So are they going to stay in their own house and Cook for themselves or they will hire a maid?.”

Lisa: “My fellow Nigerians make una com see oh .”

KD: “That mean it’s babies on the way ❤️.”

JewJew: “I just need to know who’s idea this was.”

Dana Washington: “We’re really too unserious for Earth.”

queenkeran2: “Dogs got married before me ah this is frustrating.”

Whatspoppinballoons: “Who is the lady with the dog mask ? She took her invite serious.”

Itsquoiamontana: “I didn’t expect my ppl to be behind this .”

Thelma: “Imagine as a dog seeing your bf get married and he tells you “it wasn’t his decision but his owner’s”.”

Diana : “Dogs getting married before me? Let me lock in.”

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