Angry father gives daughter’s boyfriend thunderous slaps for grabbing her backside romantically (Video)

Angry father goes gaga after seeing a young man grabbing his daughters backside romantically 696x348 1

An angry father has expressed his rage after catching his teenage daughter in an awkwardly romantic moment with a young man and by extension, sparked reactions online.

A video making the rounds online showed the young man on a busy street with the girl, who appeared to be his lover, as they publicly displayed affections, getting cozy with each other.

The video depicted how he romantically grabbed his girlfriend’s backside while they hugged tightly, showing the lovely moment between them.
While the teenagers played lovey-dovey, a man seemingly the girl’s father, angrily packed his car beside them on the street. He furiously grabbed his daughter as he forced her to enter into his car.

In the video, the man could be seen barking at the young man, asking him to back off from his daughter with threat. He was spotted giving the young lad thunderous slaps.

The video has since gained tractions online as social media users shared their thoughts via comment section.


Some reactions are shown below:

princeferdy said, “Now she will love him more, get pregnant for the boy and move out of the father’s house.. Dont play with this new generation ”.

akinmolayangbenga said, “If my father in law sees the way I dey touch him daughter every night, the man will return her bride price ”.

rahsulaiman said, “The boy is respectful… some other boys would definitely have blown up on that man.”

obehi_demi said, “This boy is somebody’s son. He has parents as well. In as much as I will never support such rubbish from kids, the man had no right to lay a finger on the boy. If he trained his daughter well, she will not be outside with the boy in the first place. In a country where guns are used like toys, this boy’s father can decide to go for the girl’s dad and it will be a parent’s anger as well. His daughter was never seen saying no to the boy at any point. Don’t touch people’s kids if you cannot take the same on your children. Again, I do not support both teens on their nonsense. ”.

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