Why I was rearrested by police – VeryDarkMan [VIDEO]

Why I was rearrested by police – VeryDarkMan [VIDEO]

Controversial online figure, VeryDarkman, has been released from police custody following his arrest over the weekend. Upon regaining his freedom on Sunday night, he took to Instagram to share a video detailing the events leading to his repeated detainment.

Claiming that law enforcement officers raided his home on Sunday to apprehend him based on allegations of defamation, VeryDarkman stated that he was accused of tarnishing the reputation of a man who allegedly scammed someone out of their life savings.

His attorney, Deji Adeyanju, echoed similar sentiments. After voluntarily submitting a statement at the police station regarding the accusations against him, VeryDarkman provided evidence to support his claims.

With the support of prominent legal representation and influential allies, He was able to secure bail and avoid spending the night in a cell.

He also said that he cannot stop fighting for people because he is now in too deep, and the sad part is that he will keep getting arrested.

Watch VeryDarkman speak and read reactions to it below:


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