I’m richer than your father – Portable slams Saida Boj (Video)

I’m richer than your father, post your boyfriend, I am fresher than him – Portable goes hard on Saida Boj (Video)

In a recent video on Instagram, Habeeb Okikiola, famously known as Portable, strongly retaliates against Said Boj for labeling him as an ungrateful individual.

Saida Boj vehemently criticizes Portable in an online Instagram video, where she condemns him for calling her offensive names and even provides a sneak peek of a track in which he disses her, accusing her of engaging in immoral activities for financial gain.

Referring to Portable as a self-absorbed creature, Saida Boj emphasizes that merely looking at him reveals multiple health issues, and she suggests that his breath odor could potentially set a new record in the Guinness Book.

Saida Boj proceeds to denigrate Portable’s wife and the mothers of his children, portraying them as individuals of low worth who resemble individuals willing to exchange intimacy for a minimal fee.

She points out Portable’s unhygienic appearance and tattoos, suggesting that without the support of Olamide and Pocolee, he would still be destitute, seeking small amounts of money from her.

In response, Portable, currently residing in the United States, launches a scathing attack on Saida Boj, asserting that he possesses greater wealth than her father.

Continuing his tirade against her, Portable challenges Saida Boj to reveal her partner, confidently declaring that he surpasses her boyfriend in terms of style and appeal.

Furthermore, Portable claims that Saida Boj’s parents disapprove of her actions and have even disowned her.

The head of Zeh Nation further places Saida Boj in the category of individuals who engage in transactional relationships for financial gain, likening her to women seen soliciting on the streets of Sango-Ota and Lekki.

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See video below:

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