At your age, I would want younger ones to respect me – Peter Obi replies Soyinka

At your age, I would want younger ones to respect me – Peter Obi replies Soyinka

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, emphasized the importance of respect from younger generations as he ages, citing Nobel Laureate Prof Wole Soyinka as an example.

He stated that he chooses not to engage when elders speak, as a matter of personal policy.

During an interview on Arise Television’s News programme,  Peter Obi addressed allegations made by Soyinka that he was inciting violence and disrespect among his supporters, particularly online.

However, at the Democracy Day celebration event, Peter Obi clarified that he has never intentionally encouraged negative behavior from his followers towards others.

He said: “Well, quite frankly, I will not make any comment on that. Wole Soyinka is a father. I have a policy as a father: I don’t respond when my fathers talk. I leave it to them because when I became at their age, I would want those other younger ones to respect me. Though I would try to put myself in a position where I will respect myself before that.

“But one of those he talked about is me inciting the ‘Obidients’. I assure you, I have never, and I will never, knowingly or unknowingly, ask the Obidients or the younger ones to say anything against a priest, immam or elder; it will never happen.

“I don’t make comments. It’s left for Nigerians to know whether I’m fit or not. I have been a successful businessman in the private sector. I have been in the corporate world, and I will say I am one of the most successful.

“I have also served in the state, and I ask those who attack to let us put our records and check them side by side.”

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