The Electoral Commission of the Great Ife Students Union, Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU has lifted the ban on election.

This was made known in a press release on Tuesday morning and signed by the Electoral Commission.

The statement reads:

The Electoral Commission is pleased to announce that the ban on campaigns for the upcoming Great Ife Students’ Union elections is lifted. After careful considerations and review of the prevailing circumstances, we have decided to allow Great Ife students contesting in the 2022/2023 Students’ Union elections to begin their campaigns, effective immediately.

The Commission recognizes the importance of allowing students contesting the opportunity to present their plans and engage Great Ife students to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process.

Details regarding campaign activities will be released shortly. These will include comprehensive information guidelines, timelines, and procedures to ensure a smooth and transparent election process.

In the meantime, candidates are to acquaint themselves with campaign rules attached to this release. The Commission warns against disregarding these campaign rules and other electoral directives to follow.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the sale of nomination forms will commence soon. This will provide an opportunity for all interested candidates to officially enter the race.

The Electoral Commission remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of transparency, fairness, and accountability throughout the election process. We will closely monitor all campaign activities and address any violations of the guidelines promptly to ensure a level playing field for all candidates.

We encourage all candidates to conduct their campaigns with utmost civility, integrity, and respect for the democratic process. Let us uphold the principles of fairness and unity as we work towards successful and peaceful elections.

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