JUST IN: President Biden’s son, Hunter convicted for charges in gun trial

JUST IN: President Biden’s son, Hunter convicted for charges in gun trial

A jury in the United States has rendered a verdict of guilt against Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, in relation to three federal felony gun charges.

Hunter Biden’s legal troubles originate from an incident that took place in October 2018, when he acquired a revolver at a gun store in Delaware.

Following approximately three hours of careful consideration, the jury determined Hunter Biden to be culpable for providing false information about his substance use on a federal background questionnaire and for possessing a firearm while under the influence of or consuming illicit substances.

This particular legal ruling signifies a significant moment, being the initial instance where a close relative of a sitting president has been found guilty of criminal offenses during their family member’s presidential tenure, although Hunter Biden’s transgressions predate Joe Biden‘s assumption of the presidency.

Hunter Biden potentially faces a maximum of 25 years of incarceration and a monetary penalty of up to $750,000 upon sentencing, notwithstanding the likelihood of a more lenient punishment due to his status as a first-time offender. The sentencing phase is anticipated to take place within a span of 120 days.

The prosecution team, spearheaded by special counsel David Weiss, effectively contended that Hunter Biden’s conduct contravened regulations designed to prohibit drug-dependent individuals from possessing firearms.

Despite the defense’s endeavors to assert that Hunter did not consider himself a substance user or addict at the time of the gun purchase, the jury delivered a unanimous guilty verdict across all accusations.

The legal judgment brings to a close a segment of the continual probe by the Department of Justice into Hunter Biden, which commenced in 2018. He is slated to undergo another legal proceeding in September concerning federal tax violations.

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Both litigations have been overseen by David Weiss, who was previously designated by President Trump, with his legal team refuting any claims of political motivations underpinning the prosecution.

Notwithstanding the legal turbulence, President Biden and the administration at the White House have consistently emphasized the adherence to legal processes.

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