Minimum Wage: ‘You won’t be able to manage the rage of Nigerians’ – Labour warns Governors

Minimum Wage: High tension as negotiations end today, Labour awaits Tinubu's approval

Some state governors have been accused by the Organized Labour of obstructing the progress of negotiations with the Federal Government on a new minimum wage.

Benson Upah, Head of Department of Information at NLC, made this accusation during an interview on Arise TV on Monday.

He said, “The governors driving this mischief— we know them, and you can count them on your five fingers. These governors do not mean well, and they are throwing spanners in the works. While the Federal Government has moved slightly to N62,000, they are saying they can even pay N60,000 that was initially proposed, which is an act of mischief, and the numbers are against them.

“It’s a fact that what they share as FAAC has moved from N700b to N1.2trn and is climbing, and the states are very rich now.”

Upah also warned that it’s easier to manage the rage of organised labour than that of Nigerians.

“The issue is not about labour being difficult; we’re talking about something practical, testable, and reasonable. One thing I will say is that the rage of Labour will be easier to manage than the rage of Nigerians, even as we speak for and on behalf of these weak Nigerians.

“However, if they push Nigerians to the point that they have to live the life of a jungle, we’ll all become victims. A time shall come that is not too far away where you have to peep from your window three to four times before you step out of your own room,’’ he said

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Last Tuesday, Organised Labour temporarily halted their nationwide strike for five days in order to have uninterrupted discussions with the tripartite committee regarding the new national minimum wage.

The Federal Government, led by Secretary to the Government of the Federation, George Akume, has affirmed their commitment to implementing a minimum wage higher than N60,000.

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