“I don’t kill myself for attention” – Meet man who has attempted suicide 200 times (Video)

Meet man who has attempted suicide 200 times (Video)

J Molley, born Jesse Mollett, publicly apologizes to his fans and supporters after his recent suicide attempt.

In a statement on social media, the rapper revealed that he has been struggling with depression for years and has made multiple attempts to take his own life.

Furthermore, he strongly refuted any accusations that he was seeking attention or trying to gain clout through his suicide ordeal.

“It’s utterly vile and ignorant to accuse me of doing such a thing like that for a PR stunt, to get more likes. I have attempted suicide 200 times. I have been on the brink and I have been [nearly successful] about 14 times. Did I publicise that? No. This is the first incident where I publicised it,” he said.

“I don’t kill myself for attention. I have never written a suicide letter in my life. When I commit suicide I do it because I want to die, so please stop with the false allegations [sic].”

“I’m a strong person, I get up, and I strive for greatness again. I have borderline personality disorder. We go from being extremely depressed to being extremely happy within minutes, hours. Do not mock a pain you haven’t endured.”

J Molley expressed gratitude for being alive; he created awareness on depression and further talked about his new journey in Christ.

“Praise God that I am still here. I’m clearly here for a reason. I would have been dead long ago. So, I’m on a new journey with Christ to find out what that is.”



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