Drama as female lawyer who handled wife’s divorce case gets married to husband

Drama as female lawyer who helped handle wife's divorce gets married to husband

The news of a Nigerian woman being left devastated after finding out that her female lawyer, who helped with her divorce, had married her ex-husband, shocked many.

The incident, which occurred in Uyo, Adamawa state, quickly spread online, generating various reactions on social media.

The woman, who remains unnamed, had sought the lawyer’s assistance for her complex divorce situation.

However, just two weeks after the case was settled, the lawyer entered into a relationship with the woman’s former spouse, culminating in their recent nuptials.

The woman’s heartbreaking discovery prompted her to question the ethics of the lawyer’s behavior and led her to share her grief and frustration online.

The post reads, “The lawyer who helped me handle my divorce case has married my husband two weeks after court process.”

Woman cries out

Internet users triggered massive reactions as they took to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

Adenekan Akinyemi Oluwaseunara Snr said, “that is why we have the Holy spirit. he will comfort you when you start crying. learn and unlearn!”

Ahmed Abiodun Adeoye said, “since she handle the case she has realised the man isn’t at fault but the woman hence she goes for her choice .our miracle God is working”.

Segun Majekodunmi said, “Before you see another man ten yrs go waka, stay bless in Sisterhood.”

Ćhukwum Éboukãr said, “Over stone i meant over taking is allowed”.

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