Why being single is good in the entertainment industry – Korra Obidi

In a recent interview on the “Heroes Diary” show, popular socialite and divorcee Korra Obidi shared her insights on why being single is advantageous in the entertainment industry.

The mother of two highlighted how getting divorced has actually led to increased success for her.

Korra Obidi pointed out that in the industry, there is a common trend where individuals are celebrated and supported when they are married and have children.

However, as time goes on, their opportunities and relevance tend to decrease, with fewer invitations to shows and fewer offers for movies.

On the other hand, when someone goes through a divorce or becomes single again, there is a sudden outpouring of sympathy and a desire for their return.

Korra Obidi believes that being single is the ideal state for thriving in the entertainment business.

She said:

“One thing about we humans is that when somebody’s married. I don’t know you people don’t like the person anymore. You kind of like go ‘ahh happy married life’, and then ‘she can’t be on my show,’ ‘she can’t be in my movie’. But now I’m single… I’m getting booked back to back, so it’s good for me. I think being single is good in the industry.”

Watch her speak in the video below:

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