Why you should stop living fake life – Pastor Bolaji Idowu (Video)

Why you should stop living fake life – Pastor Bolaji Idowu (Video)

Popular preacher Pastor Bolaji Idowu has strongly criticized the era of ‘fake life’ in a recent message, stating that it must come to an end.

In his message, Pastor Bolaji Idowu emphasized the importance of not living a fake life by purchasing counterfeit designer items just for the sake of showing off.

The pastor warned that pretending to be something you’re not could drive away potential helpers who may think you’re self-sufficient.

Additionally, Pastor Bolaji Idowu addressed the issue of people borrowing money to keep up appearances and advised them to live within their means.

Pastor Bolaji Idowu stressed the importance of financial management and highlighted that many face financial struggles due to poor money management skills.

See video below:

See reactions below:

officiallymeed wrote, “Anyone following and listening to pastor B’s teaching with no change in their way of life then I don’t know why the person should be in harvesters space”

creative_vsionary wrote, “You are 100 per cent correct Sir Pastor B. Life is a marathon not a sprint.”

nonoscatering wrote, “Na who first buy dey buy old model! Grow naturally, embrace your

status, appreciate your growth and give thanks always. Thank you so much Pastor B”

tohseenjay wrote, “Stop impressing people that don’t care about you”

theibukunoluwa1 wrote, “Faking it pushes your helper away! Be original!!!”

ehije wrote, “Fake life doesn’t profit anyone. Live according to your means. What you can’t get today, you will get tomorrow”

babylahottie wrote, “Most Nigerian celebs are on this table. Don’t let me tag them here”

ngozimary_ wrote, “Thank you pastor B… They tried to pressure me but not my thing so l am still jumping public bus, pending when it is very comfortable to own a care… I no kill person, living my stage per time”

lexie_armani wrote, “Life is a marathon, it’s not about who took off first but who will finish. Thank you pastor”

mercilola16 wrote, “Life is a marathon. Those you are trying to impress night not even care about you.. You live above your means and go onto debt just because you want to wear latest clothes, have an updated life…. Even that updated life will become outdated before you know it.. Just live your life per time.”

fearless_luchy wrote, “Honestly if I don’t get it now, I will get it tomorrow No need for pressure”

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