Taylor Swift suffers wardrobe malfunction on stage in Sweden

During her performance in Sweden, Taylor Swift experienced a wardrobe malfunction due to an audio problem.

The incident involved her having to undo her gown to address the issue with her microphone, which became disconnected.

In a TikTok video capturing the moment, Taylor informed the crowd of the technical difficulty and proceeded to unbutton her dress to reveal the black hot pants she had on underneath.


Despite the mishap, fans praised Taylor for her professionalism as she worked to resolve the issue on stage.

“Even when there’s a malfunction she’s adorable,” commented one.

“She did that with grace!” wrote another. “Amazing!”

It’s not the first mishap Taylor Swift has encountered during her global tour, with the Midnights singer having a close call during a Tokyo gig in February.

“I almost fell off the Folklore cabin,” Taylor said after finishing her rendition of The 1. “But I didn’t and that’s the lesson.”

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