Nationwide strike is imminent– ASUU sends strong warning


ASUU has once again emphasized its intention to initiate a nationwide strike in response to the federal government’s continued refusal to meet their demands.

The coordinator of the Lagos zone, Prof. Adelaja Odukoya, expressed frustration during a news conference at the University of Lagos, stating that the union is running out of patience with the government’s disregard for the well-being of its members and public universities.

Odukoya emphasized that the only way to avert the strike is for the government to take immediate action.

The decision comes after the union’s NEC meeting at Obafemi Awolowo University, where unresolved issues were discussed.

“Our union assessed the outcomes of its engagements with the state and federal governments over the last few months on matters pertaining to the status of developments around the renegotiated 2009 Agreement, payment of owed salaries and earned academic allowances (EAA), unremitted deductions made by the disruptive and discredited IPPIS, proliferation of universities, and a number of other matters.

“NEC also had a critical review of government policies and actions that had led to the present deteriorated living and working conditions across the country and in our universities, particularly,” he said.

He said ASUU had urged the federal government to recall them about a year ago to complete their tenures in line with the University Act upon which they were constituted.

“So, we are not talking about the personalities and composition of the list but the illegality of constituting new councils,” he added.

Odukoya called for proper funding of public universities rather than creating new ones, noting that it is far better to enhance the capacity and access of these universities and make them globally competitive.

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He said ASUU would not relent in its struggles for better public university education and the country.

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