Student sentenced to 12 strokes of cane for stealing laptop, phones

A Magistrates’ Court in Kaduna sentenced a 23-year-old student, Rabiu Garba, to 12 strokes of the cane for theft of a laptop and two cell phones.

The Magistrate, Ibrahim Emmanuel, delivered this sentence after Garba pleaded guilty to charges of trespass and theft.

Residing in Badiko, Kaduna, the convicted individual earnestly admitted guilt and implored the court for leniency, promising to change his ways.

Magistrate Emmanuel, noting Garba’s straightforward admission of guilt, acknowledged the convict’s honesty and expressed leniency.

The Magistrate emphasized the court’s leniency towards the student due to his prompt admission of guilt, which saved the court’s time. Furthermore, he advised Garba to maintain good conduct and refrain from criminal activities in the future.

Earlier, the prosecutor, Insp. Chidi Leo, informed the court that Yusuf Usman reported the incident at Gabasawa Police Station on May 3.

Leo stated that Garba unlawfully entered the complainant’s room and stole a laptop worth N220,000 and two phones worth N342,000.

These items were recovered from Garba, but the laptop was no longer functional.


The prosecutor highlighted that Garba’s actions violated the Penal Code of Kaduna State, 2017.

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