Vladimir Putin sworn in for record fifth term as Russian president

Putin has taken his oath of office during an elaborate ceremony held at the Kremlin.

In the month of March, Putin emerged victorious in a heavily controlled election, with two anti-war candidates being disqualified on technical grounds.

One of Putin’s most prominent adversaries, Alexei Navalny, passed away unexpectedly in an Arctic penal institution a month prior, while other key critics are either imprisoned or have been compelled to seek refuge abroad.

At the age of 71, Putin has governed Russia since the onset of the millennium, obtaining a fresh six-year term in March following a presidential election that lacked any opposition.

Internally, Putin has been a dominant figure in the political arena, and externally, he has been engaged in a confrontation with western countries regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

Upon assuming office, Putin conveyed to Russia’s political elite his intention to sustain dialogue with the West, emphasizing that the manner of engagement will be determined by the Western nations themselves.

He expressed openness to discussions on strategic nuclear stability with the West, emphasizing the importance of equality in such dialogues.

“We are a united and great people and together we will overcome all obstacles, we will bring to life everything we have planned. Together, we will be victorious,” Putin said.

The United States, deeming his re-election as lacking in freedom and fairness, opted to abstain from participating in Tuesday’s inauguration event.

Similarly, Britain, Canada, and the majority of European Union nations chose to boycott the swearing-in ceremony, although France announced its decision to dispatch its ambassador.

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