Britain's Fattest Man who hasn't left his house in 8 years is dead

Britain’s fattest man in terms of weight has succumbed to organ malfunction shortly before commemorating his 34th birthday, as disclosed by his mother.

Jason Holton, hailing from Surrey, had been confined to his residence for a span of eight years due to his 47-stone physique; nonetheless, the 33-year-old passed away last Saturday when medical professionals were unsuccessful in averting the failure of his internal organs.

The revelation was made by his mother Leisa to The Sun, who conveyed that his health had deteriorated significantly subsequent to the cessation of kidney functionality.

‘He’s probably had about eight lives and I thought the doctors would be able to save him again, but sadly it wasn’t possible,’ she said.

Reportedly, Jason was transported from his domicile to Royal Surrey County Hospital utilizing a specialized ambulance requiring the assistance of six firefighters to facilitate his relocation.

His mother narrated the ordeal of Jason being subjected to kidney dialysis and intravenous therapy, yet his organs persisted in deteriorating.

She recounted how physicians conveyed to him his impending demise within a week, after which he succumbed on a Saturday.

The official report from the coroner established that his demise was a consequence of organ failure coupled with obesity.

In an interview with TalkTV during October, Jason articulated his belief that his time was drawing to a close at the age of 34, emphasizing his imperative to seek alternative measures.

At his zenith, he tipped the scales at over 50 stone, christening himself as ‘Britain’s most corpulent individual’.

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