Drama as pastor orders bride to remove eyelashes, refuses to continue wedding service

A bride, Jessica Okah, from Nigeria, narrated an occurrence where her pastor instructed her to remove her artificial eyelashes on the occasion of her religious matrimony ceremony.

This revelation was made by her on TikTok, where she recalled that the pastor had brought up the topic of her eyelashes prior to the actual wedding day.

Nevertheless, she mentioned that she had failed to recollect this instruction and presumed that it would go unnoticed during the matrimonial event.

She said, “What would you do if your pastor asked you to remove your lashes in the middle of your wedding ceremony? It was like a movie, but it was happening for real.

“After my husband’s family accepted me, that’s when my pastor realised that he told me the day before that I wasn’t supposed to wear lashes to the wedding ceremony.

“Let me not lie, I didn’t have a problem with it anyway, but truthfully, I forgot.

“He said before the service had to continue, I had to go and remove the lashes.

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