“You're a small dwarf”– Isreal DMW body-shames Wizkid, advises him to retire from music

Davido’s assistant, Isreal DMW, has voiced his concerns about Wizkid amidst their ongoing online feud.

The dispute, sparked by a video Wizkid shared of Davido poking fun at rumors of his involvement with an American model, has escalated on Twitter.

Expressing his disappointment, Isreal DMW remarked that he had once admired Wizkid as a person, but now views him as “daft” due to his jealousy and animosity towards Davido.

He suggested that Wizkid should gracefully step down from his music career if he no longer enjoys it, while also hurling insults at the singer.

In his words: “I use to like everything about you, thinking you’re a humman being. I never knew you’re a fully daft headed humman being. Why dis continous jealousy and hatredness? Did oga, stop’s you from realesing ur own back to back sweet hits? He has never in anytime said anything bad of you at all. You you just keep hating him for nothing sake. Retire from music if you’re fed up. Resign honourably. Who the hell are you? You’re just a small dwarf. You will be thaught a lesson, if you’re not careful. You’re an idiot. A whole Don Baba? Na ur mate? Ugbeowagbon, Usaloa.”

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