Tallest woman in the world dies at 77

The demise of Maria Feliciana dos Santos, renowned for breaking the Guinness World Record and earning the title of the ‘Queen of Height’ in the 1960s, has been confirmed by her family.

The celebrated basketball athlete passed away at the age of 77 in a private medical facility.

Hailing from Brazil, she gained widespread recognition in her home country by transitioning from a typical 10-year-old to becoming the tallest woman in Brazil after experiencing a remarkable growth spurt during her late teenage years, despite battling pneumonia for an extended period.

Originating from Amparo do São Francisco, Santos embarked on a journey across various cities, showcasing her talents in circus performances before claiming victory in the ‘Queen of Height’ competition during the 1960s.

Moreover, she was commemorated during the inauguration of the Estado de Sergipe edifice, a 28-story high-rise located in Aracaju, which now bears the name Maria Feliciana building, signifying her enduring legacy.

In a subsequent event in May 2022, the Museu de Gente Sergipana paid tribute to her by unveiling a statue at the entrance of the premises.

The final rites for Maria Feliciana are scheduled to be conducted this afternoon, following a night-long vigil.

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