JUST IN: S3xu@l Abuse: Lady partitions Police to investigate MFM Church Founder, Daniel Olukoya

The General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, Daniel Olukoya, has been reported to law enforcement authorities in Maryland and Nevada for alleged s3xual exploitation and abuse, among other accusations.

The serious allegations were brought forward by a Nigerian social media influencer and YouTuber residing in the United States, Mrs. Funke Ashekun.

Ashekun emphasized the necessity for an investigation into the pastor‘s actions and urged for decisive measures to be taken to ensure that he faces legal repercussions for the alleged misconduct.

Asserting that Olukoya’s behavior transcends religious boundaries, Ashekun claimed that his actions involve s3xual exploitation and abuse.

She further claimed that Olukoya has been systematically targeting single mothers and young women from disadvantaged backgrounds, exploiting his position of power to engage in s3xual misconduct under the guise of providing spiritual guidance and prayers.

According to her, the victims have refrained from speaking out due to fear of retaliation, enabling Olukoya to continue his misconduct without facing consequences.

These sentiments were articulated in a petition titled ‘Rescue MFM church victims from Dr. DK Olukoya’ launched by Ashekun.

It was alleged that Olukoya has utilized his global network of branches, including those in the US, to take legal action against individuals attempting to expose his actions.

She claimed that there is evidence of Olukoya using proxies to handle legal matters on his behalf, indicating his reluctance to appear in court.

Ashekun emphasized the urgency of investigating the allegations promptly and holding Olukoya accountable for his behavior when warranted.

She argued that it is imperative for the community to address the alleged abuse of authority and violation of human rights, stressing the importance of safeguarding and supporting those who have been victimized by his manipulation and exploitation to prevent further harm to vulnerable individuals ensnared by his influence.

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The petition reads in part, “I am writing to bring to your attention a matter of utmost urgency and concern regarding an individual who poses a significant threat to the safety and well-being of vulnerable women in our community. This individual, known as Dr. DK Olukoya operates under the guise of a preacher within Nigerian communities in the United States. However, his actions go far beyond the realm of religious practice and into the realm of exploitation and abuse.

“Dr. DK Olukoya has been systematically preying upon single mothers and young women from vulnerable backgrounds, using his position of authority to sexually abuse them under the pretense of offering prayers and spiritual guidance. His victims, fearing retribution and harm, have been hesitant to come forward and speak out against him, allowing him to continue perpetrating these egregious acts with impunity.

“A single mother of 4 who worshipped in Dr. DK Olukoya’s headquarters church once took to social media to tell her ordeal in the hands of Dr DK Olukoya. I was not surprised to later find her coming back to contradict everything she once said and making an open apology to Dr. Olukoya. Olukoya is always making his victims retract their statements and do apology videos using the corrupt system in Nigeria to oppress and suppress his victims.

“This is the extent of his manipulation of his vulnerable victims. Some people cropped up and downloaded the contents she shared; I have some in my possession.

“Also, an ex-member of Dr. Olukoya’s church, a young man who refused to allow his wife to honor Dr. Olukoya’s prayer/counseling invitation, is currently going through his plight.

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Mr. Ayotunde Richard said he did not feel safe letting his wife go behind closed doors for prayers with Dr. Olukoya and as I write, Richard Ayotunde is in prison for daring to speak up. He uses the corrupt judicial system and the police in Nigeria to clamp down on anyone trying to speak out against his crimes against members.

“Dr. DK Olukoya has been using his branches all over the world, including the US, to sue anyone trying to expose him. He uses his church clergypersons and the registered organization to sue anyone who poses a threat to his image. His branch in Nevada has just sued me by proxy on his behalf. There are tracking records of Dr. DK Olukoya in the US, using people to make legal cases on his behalf, and he will do everything possible not to appear in court.”

She said:

 “The registration of his Church in Nevada shows that he is from Las Vegas as the President of the ministry and the President in the United States of America. He is a Nigerian by birth.

“Immediate action must be taken to investigate these allegations and, where necessary, hold Dr. DK Olukoya accountable for his reprehensible actions. Our community cannot afford to turn a blind eye to such flagrant abuse of power and violation of fundamental human rights.

Every effort must be made to ensure the safety and protection of those who have fallen victim to his manipulation and exploitation and to prevent further harm to vulnerable individuals in the traps of this person,” she added.

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According to Ashekun, she has some materials in her possession that prove the alleged sexual exploitation of women.

She said;

“For the purpose of awareness and safety measures, I created some social media handles educating African parents on the need to watch their girls and not carelessly release them to anyone whom they see as a saint. Many are brainwashed and won’t easily connect the dots. However, this awareness is ongoing, hoping that those who are able to listen will take caution.

“I urge you to thoroughly investigate Dr. Olukoya’s activities and take decisive action to bring him to justice. Additionally, measures should be implemented to provide support and assistance to his victims, including access to counseling, legal advocacy, and other resources to help them heal and rebuild their lives in the aftermath of this trauma.

“Previously mentioned are crucial materials recovered, implicating Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya in suspicious activities within the confines of his counseling room.

“With utmost diligence, I am ensuring the swift delivery of this pivotal evidence to the police department in Baltimore and the State of Nevada, unveiling the intricate details of the case. Moreover, acknowledging the importance of public awareness, it is imperative to disseminate these materials to diverse media outlets, including those in Nevada and Maryland.”

“Thank you for your attention to this matter. I trust that you will treat it with the seriousness and urgency it deserves and that justice will be served for those who have suffered at Dr. DK Olukoya’s hands,” the petition added.

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