Nigerian music sensation David Adeleke, commonly referred to as Davido, has affirmed that his thriving career in the music sector is not a result of his father’s financial status.

During an interview on the American podcast ‘Business Untitled,’ Davido refuted the idea that his accomplishments can be solely credited to his affluent family background.

When addressing misunderstandings regarding his journey to fame, Davido stressed that although his father’s wealth initially presented obstacles, it did not pave the way for his success.

“The biggest challenge I had when I started music was that my father is wealthy. But I got accepted for one reason and that reason is that I am good, talented. I don’t think I would have ever been accepted if I wasn’t good at what I do,” he added.

He pointed out the existence of individuals from more privileged backgrounds who made unsuccessful attempts to establish themselves in the entertainment field.

“There are many billionaires in Nigeria, even richer than my father… And there are people [billionaire’s children] who have tried to do what I have tried to do: music, entertainment, business. But mine has been successful because of my values,” Davido said.

The self-professed “Omo Baba Olowo” disclosed that skepticism surrounded his early days in the music scene due to his family’s affluence.

Nonetheless, he expressed appreciation for being recognized and embraced primarily for his artistic talent and expertise.

Upon reflecting on his path, Davido attributed his recognition in the industry to his innate abilities and unwavering commitment to his art.

He highlighted that his musical skills and dedication to producing high-quality content were crucial in attaining widespread acknowledgment and praise.

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