Osun State

A bill has been approved by Mr. Ademola Adeleke, the Governor of Osun State, to introduce a new emblem for the state, characterizing the fresh symbol as a sign of revival for Osun.

As per a statement by the governor’s representative, Olawale Rasheed, attained in Osogbo on Wednesday, the event where the bill was endorsed was observed by the Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly, Adewale Egbedun.

Rasheed additionally mentioned that the logo could serve as a means to promote the state within the country and internationally.

“It is my honour and privilege to introduce the new logo as the symbol of our state. This announcement will herald a new life of prosperity, abundance and sustainability for our people and admirers,” Mr Adeleke said.

Adewale Egbedun, the Speaker of the Osun State House of Assembly, expressed his view on the new emblem as being “significant and indicative of our populace, legacy, and potentials.”

He extended his felicitations to the governor and inhabitants on this occasion, affirming that the State Assembly would uphold the commendable endeavors of the executive branch of government.

Giving details of a the new logo, Rasheed explained that;

Y – Though not clearly depicted through the placement of the water, earth, and mountains in the circle, it represents the three senatorial districts in Osun State united as one, hence the lack of delineation between all three elements.

Osun River – This is represented, connected to a waterfall; Osun state being the ‘State of the Living Spring.’ The river situated on the upper part of the Y supplies water to the fertile brown agricultural soil of the land on the left. It also wets the mountains on the right of the Y. The waterfall also supplies water that nourishes the leaves and the cocoa seeds, which also house the fish. In essence, this represents the source of life and nourishment in Osun State.

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Brown Agricultural Soil – This represents fertility and is a source of food. It is located on the left side of the Y.

Mountains – Osun State is renowned for its hills and mountains, hence the distinct representation. It is located on the right side of the Y. Mountains in various contexts, representing tourism, hospitality, and spirituality. It is a symbol of drawing strength.

Ori Olokun – The Ori Olokun stands for the common origin of the Yoruba race and is a great symbol of Osun State, especially for royalty.

The rays of light (Imole in Yoruba) – This represents one of the state symbols as it is depicted in the state anthem. It symbolises clarity, enlightenment, hope and guidance, often representing knowledge, truth and understanding. Its placement at the top clearly illustrates its importance in the state as its rays touch every element/symbol of the state, thereby bringing light (progress, success and clarity) to it.

1991– the year the state was established.

Natural Resources:

Cocoa leaves/Fruits/Tree/Cocoa Beans – at the base of the coat of arms, it symbolises agriculture and the natural resources of the land, from food crops to logging to cash crops.

Gold – this is one of the precious stones found in Osun State, and it is available in commercial quantities and is a great source of revenue for the state.

Fishes – this is one of the natural resources available in Osun State and a source of livelihood for indigenes.


Gold – signifies the royalty and nobility of the Osun race.

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Ruby Red– also associated with nobility.

Orange – symbolises the hospitable nature of Osun State people.

Yellow – symbolises the happy nature of Osun State people.”

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