Only women with low self-esteem use wigs – Taiwo Ajai-Lycett

Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, the renowned actress, has voiced her disapproval of African women who rely on wigs to enhance their beauty, claiming that it reflects a lack of self-confidence.

She argued that African women possess the most beautiful natural hair compared to other races, according to Vanguard.

Ajai-Lycett openly questioned why some African women choose to wear hair from races with less abundant hair.

The unwavering actress and devoted feminist emphasized the vital role that women play in society, stressing that they are the source of life and creation.

She believes that women should be recognized, respected, and treated empathetically for a harmonious society.

In her words;

“We have been blessed with the best kind of hair that we can transform into any kind of look we desire. We have to love ourselves as Africans and appreciate our God-given beauty.

“Our Africanness is what stands us out among all the races of the world. The African woman is beautiful in all ramifications. I believe women who go for wigs and human hair have low self-esteem. Their desire to look Western and foreign is a sign of low self-esteem.”

On how to treat women in the society, she said,“If you want your life to be in order and successful, be kind to the women in your life. It is when the women in your life are happy that you can truly be happy. By women, I mean your mother, your wife, your sister or as the case may be.”

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