Mohbad: Priscilla Ojo slams Naira Marley for demanding public apology from her mother over defamation

Mohbad: Priscilla Ojo slams Naira Marley for demanding public apology from her mother over defamation

Priscilla Ojo, the daughter of actress Iyabo Ojo, has come to her mother’s defense in the controversy involving singer Naira Marley.

Earlier, it was reported by TALKING ARENA that Naira Marley had taken Iyabo Ojo to court, demanding a public apology or face legal action that could result in N500 million in damages.

Naira Marley’s lawsuit accuses Iyabo Ojo of defaming him by sharing false and malicious content about him on her Instagram page.

In response, Priscilla took to her own Instagram story to express her thoughts on the matter.

She emphasized that Naira Marley has not yet resolved issues regarding Mohbad’s catalog and unpaid royalties, but he is quick to file a lawsuit against her mother.

She called out his hypocrisy for suing her mother while being involved in bullying Mohbad before the artist’s unfortunate death.

Priscilla also expressed her disappointment with Nigerians for branding her mother as a clout chaser due to her advocacy for Mohbad and their lack of understanding.

“Who do you want to sue? You have not finished the case you have in court about the boy’s catalog and his unpaid royalties, you are talking of suing when there is legit evidence of you and your gang bul*ying the young man before he d!ed. The woman you all are dragging now came online to fight and was still at the police station back to back. Till now she is still paying for DJ Splash’s hospital bills and treatment. She fought for this young man who was bullied but because one protein shake charcoal bodybuilder came to change the narrative and asked a grieving mother of 24 years for a DNA test, you all fell for it. He might not be alive to fight for himself but I know that his spirit cannot be asleep”.

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You have the audacity to sue her Priscilla Ojo slams Naira Marley for suing her mother Iyabo Ojo

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