How my 1.5 million naira corset dress almost ended my life – Nkechi Blessing (Video)

How my 1.5 million naira corset dress almost ended my life – Nkechi Blessing (Video)

Nkechi Blessing, the popular Nollywood star, recently shared her unpleasant experience with high-end fashion, particularly focusing on the challenges of wearing a corset dress.

In a recent video, Blessing candidly discussed her discomfort and struggles with breathing while donning a corset dress worth 1.5 million Naira. She even jokingly mentioned that the dress seemed determined to suffocate her with its tightness.

With a touch of humor, Nkechi Blessing stated that she would steer clear of corsets in the future due to the discomfort they cause.

She admitted that despite the hefty price tag, the physical discomfort was simply unbearable.

”una see as dey bundle me like mannequin enter inside car?”

”Person use 1.5 million naira sow clothe wey wan kill am?”

Anywhere I see corset I will run away. Let me just stick to my two piece and Bubu gowns. I had to change because I couldn’t sit down.”

The dress, worn to the “Ada Omo Daddy” movie premiere, was a striking red ensemble with a tightly cinched waist.

See video below:

It’s worth recalling that just a month ago, Nkechi Blessing found herself embroiled in a heated online quarrel with relationship therapist Blessing Okoro.

The conflict escalated to the point where a physical altercation almost occurred.

Nkechi Blessing even went as far as driving to Okoro’s office, threatening a confrontation, which Okoro’s team countered by claiming they didn’t see her car parked outside.

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