“Someone shout glory” – Little girl who allegedly visited heaven narrates experience(Video)

A little girl shared a fascinating story about a dream she had, where she imagined visiting heaven.

She described the dream as a beautiful and surreal experience, where she saw lovely images and creatures happily playing around.

The highlight of her dream was encountering a big tree with ripe fruits hanging from its branches.

In her dream, she met someone she believed to be Jesus, who kindly offered her a fruit from the tree, and she happily accepted it.

She said “I went to heaven, it was so beautiful. all the animals were just jumping around, playing. I saw tree with fruits and Jesus asked me do you a fruits, and I said yes. It was so beautiful, then I went to Abba. He told me to tell everybody how great it is to be in heaven.’

The little girl was amazed by the heavenly scene and felt a strong urge to share her dream with others when she woke up.


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