Declan Rice

Declan Rice’s Favored No.41 Shirt in Jeopardy as He Nears Arsenal Move”

According to Goal, there is a possibility that Declan Rice, the captain of West Ham, may not be able to wear his beloved No.41 shirt once he joins Arsenal. Reports indicate that Rice is on the verge of completing a lucrative transfer across London, with Arsenal agreeing to a record-breaking £105m deal.

This significant sum will establish the English midfielder as the most expensive signing in Arsenal’s history. However, a potential snag awaits, as Rice might be prohibited from retaining his cherished No.41 shirt at the Emirates Stadium. This number has been a part of his identity during his tenure at West Ham.

Arsenal has a policy that restricts players from selecting numbers other than the designated ‘senior numbers’. A similar scenario occurred recently when Alex Iwobi, the Nigerian international, was unable to claim his preferred No.45 jersey and instead settled for No.17.

As negotiations progress, it remains uncertain whether Rice will be able to retain his cherished shirt number or if he will need to adapt to Arsenal’s established numbering system. Fans eagerly await further updates on this potential development.

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