Anita Brown

Anita Brown Decides to Move On: Ending Social Media Drama with Davido

In a recent announcement, Anita Brown, the alleged pregnant American mistress of Davido, declared her intention to cease dragging the singer on social media platforms. She shared that she has expressed all her thoughts and opinions regarding Davido and is now shifting her focus towards her pregnancy and the prospect of raising her child independently.

Taking to her Twitter page on Saturday, the American Onlyfans star stated, “I’m past David now. I told you after today I’m done. I said all I have to say regarding him. I’m onto the GLORY.” Despite facing continued criticism from detractors, she remains steadfast in her determination to fulfill her pregnancy and make a positive impact on the world.

It’s worth noting that Ivana Bay, a French model who also claimed to be pregnant with Davido’s child, previously cautioned Anita Brown to refrain from defaming the singer. Ivana referred to Davido as a “good man after all” and expressed her belief that Anita’s behavior was unkind.

As this social media drama takes a new turn, it remains to be seen how Anita Brown’s decision to move forward will impact the ongoing narrative surrounding Davido and his alleged affairs. Time will tell whether this marks the conclusion of their public disputes or if further developments will emerge.

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